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FREE Men's Shirt Quilt Tutorial by Nancy-Rose

This project is a thrifty and fun way to make a great use out of old shirts from the man and/or boys in your life!  Nancy-Rose's instructions are clearly outlined in seven steps, complete with pictures that will show you how to cut the shirts to get the most out of each one.  More from Nancy-Rose:

Bless you all! Several quilters answered my plea for now I can re-post the instructions for the Seven Shirts quilt. This was originally a "mystery" on my old blog, but for convenience sake, I'll post the instructions in order.

"Begin with seven men’s shirts: 2 light and 5 darks. They must be 100% cotton, and similar weight. Ensure the fabric isn’t too worn, and has good body. It should feel like good quilting cotton."

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The Thrifty Quilter

Finished Size: 52" x 64" (132cm x 163cm)


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