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Out of This World: Pat Sloan's 2019 Mystery BOM


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    January: The Space Shuttle

To kick off this year's new mystery BOM, Pat has shared some great memories of times she saw space shuttles up close and personal! Pat was inspired by a cute new fabric she discovered and we can't wait to see where her creativity takes us this year. She also outlines for us how the BOM will proceed through the year and shares some links for space shuttle related info.
February: Space Shows

February is the month of love, and who doesn't love a good space show? We all have wonderful memories of the fun, old space shows and of newer, more spectacular ones. This month Pat shares her inspiration for the new block with her love of classic space shows!
  March: Learning About Space

Who doesn't love to learn cool new things? Pat is passionate about learning of all kinds, and this month she explores her love of learning about space, providing amazing places to visit and online resources where we call learn more! This month Pat shares her inspiration for the new block with her favorite educational sources about Space.
April: Space Crazy!

We've all enjoyed the comings and goings of various fads (some more than others) and from time to time space-related stuff is all the rage. This month Pat shares some of her memories of her favorite space crazes, from cosmic shoes to space lunchboxes and more. See what her space crazy memories inspired in this month's block! Also, this month she provides us the full quilt layout so we can start connecting the blocks.
  May: Astronauts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to strap yourself into a literal rocket and burn your way up through the sky until you reach the stars? Pat is inspired by heroes like that, and gives some great examples of astronauts you may not be aware of with some very interesting stories to tell! Her block this month is equally inspired.
 June: Books on Space

There is a wealth of amazing written material, both fiction and non-fiction, either about space or set there. This month Pat was inspired by some of her favorite reads, and she shares some wonderful memories and excellent references about such books. Her block design is also excellent and we can't wait to see what the finished quilt will look like. So we're impatient, aren't you?
  July: First Moon Walk

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon walk. Has it really been fifty years? Pat has been greatly inspired by that historic event and her block pattern for this month is wonderful! Take a look at how Neil Armstrong's stroll on the lunar surface inspired our July block for this year's block of the month, and be sure to share your own memories of that even or other space walks you've seen!
August: Space-Named Candy

Bite into some Space yumminess this month as Pat recounts some of her fondest memories of candy named after things in space! Pat walks us through some delicious sweets and also showcases her new block design for August, and it's wonderful! Be sure to share your own memories of space sweets you've experienced!
  September: Your Playlist

Do you remember the first time you saw the original Star Wars movie in the theater and heard that amazing music by John Williams? This month's theme is about space-themed music, and we all have fond memories and favorites that have moved us. Take a look at how this music has inpired Pat this month for her latest block design, and be sure to share your favorite picks for the music that moves you!
October: Quilts & Space
Sadly, all good things must come to an end, but we're excited this month because we finally have the last, wonderful piece of Pat Sloan's out of this world quilt design! This month she explores quilts about space, and she has some very cool stuff waiting for you! Be sure to tell us about any space quilting you have done!
Here is Pat's finished quilt!