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Video - Prairie Points & 3D Flying Geese Borders


Author and designer Karen Sievert's most recent book, Prairie Point Pizzazz, features some amazing quilts and an especially useful time-saving technique.  If you are interested in adding Prairie Points to a quilt of yours, this technique and the tools she uses will be of tremendous use to you.  More from Karen's interview on Stitch This!:

"When I first started quilting, a woman named Janice Streeter, who belonged to our guild, made one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen. It was an autumn-leaves quilt, and she had used prairie points on rectangular bias strips to make her leaves dimensional. Remember: I was a beginner. Bias strips just didn’t work for me. They curve! So, I figured there just had to be an easier way to make prairie points in quilting. It took me a few years, and I admit, a lot of “unsuccesses” to figure it out, but I finally came up with a way to insert prairie points into any half- or quarter-square triangle..."  Read More

Also be sure to take a look at her other book, Better Together that features blocks that form "extraordinary layouts" - Check it Out

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