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Video - Medallion Quilt Pattern by Rose Smith

In our constant search for free online resources, we occasionally come across true gems.  Today's video is definitely one of those.  Rose Smith of Ludlow Quilt and Sew has devoted her site to teaching the craft of sewing, and it is chock full of great stuff!  We here at FQP applaud Rose for this approach.  More on this project from Rose:

"Medallion quilts are not made by sewing rows of quilt blocks together as happens with a large number of quilts.  Instead medallion quilts are made with a central block which is surrounded by several frames of quilt blocks.

"The finished size of this medallion quilt is 66" square and the fabric requirements are approximately:  grey fabric 1.1/4 yards, cream fabric 3/4 yard, blue fabric 1 yard, floral fabric 3/4 yard, black fabric 1/2 yard, white fabric 1.1/4 yards.

Visit Rose's excellent website, full of projects with tutorials and videos: Ludlow Quilt and Sew


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