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FREE Video - Hand Quilting Series by Amy Hodge

This is the first part of a series on hand quilting and demonstrates the different aspects of hand stitching very well.  It is presented by Amy Hodge of Amy Alamode.  The entire series can be viewed in our embedded player, or you can see each segment individually by using the video link below.  More from Amy:

"I recorded this as one long segment, but decided it was way too long, so I have divided it up into seven parts that range from 40 seconds to about 6.5 minutes, and skipped over the stitching of the second circle. Throughout the videos I explain what I am doing and give you some tips and whatever wisdom I have on the subject (so don’t forget to turn on your sound!). I made this during the height of my allergy-induced coughing season, so please excuse the few jumpy places where I had to edit out some coughs. Enjoy!"

Click here for the whole series on hand quilting.
Visit the Website: Amy Alamode

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