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Video - Glue Basting Blocks by Erin Russek
of One Piece at a Time

In this instructional video Erin Russek of One Piece at a Time shares her technique for adding stability to blocks with appliqué by gluing them.  More from Erin:

"Here is a little video I’ve made about how I glue baste my blocks together before I sew. I have been doing this for several years now and I just love it. It makes sitting down and sewing very relaxing because everything is right where it needs to be. Just for clarification. When I apply glue to my appliqué shape I always apply it to the seam allowance. I’m pretty sure you can see that in the video but I didn’t say anything about that so I’m covering my bases here. Another note is to NOT use too much glue, too much glue can make the sewing a little tricky."

View the website at One Piece at a Time


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