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Special Post: Donate a Quilt to the Child & Family Institute Parent-Infant Center

Every infant should have a quilt, and here is your chance to share some warmth and human kindness with those less fortunate.  The Child and Family Institute runs a special Parent-Infant Center where the goal is to ensure a quality environment for infants up to 3 years old and their caregivers.  As part of this effort, they are collecting quilts, both for the infants and for the caregivers.  This effort is being coordinated by Bumble Beans Basics.  More from the site:

"Bumble Beans BASICS is now collecting BABY & TWIN size handmade quilts for the Parent-Infant Center(PIC) program within the Child and Family Institute at St.Luke’s & Roosevelt’s Hospitals

"The Parent-Infant Center (PIC) is a prevention and treatment program that provides multidisciplinary assessment and psychotherapeutic services to pregnant women and caregivers and their children from the ages of birth to three years old. The focus of treatment is on the child-caregiver relationship.The primary goal is to foster healthy attachments and strengthen relationships between caregivers and their children.Caregivers include pregnant women, mothers, fathers, teenage parents, grandparents, foster parents, adoptive parents and any other primary caregiver of very young children. The long term goals are to decrease the risk of child abuse and neglect and the ensure optimal mental health outcomes across the life span.

"They rely heavily on donations for the families. Here we are asking for quilts for the infants to 3 year old children, and quilts for the parents, who most often have very little."

Give an infant a memory that will last.  Donate today!

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