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How Do You Challenge Yourself?

Do 'First Time' Things

We're trying something new here at FQP, because we want to get more in touch with you and what drives you.  You are, after all, the reason we do what we do: we love providing you with the best of the free quilting resources on the web.  We love helping to inspire you and your passion for all things quilting.  We love that you have made FQP one of the most popular places online for quilters.

Because you are our kind of person, we would love to know what you think.  So from time to time, we will post compelling questions that we hope you will chime in on.  This is where you can put in your two-cent's-worth. 

So our first question is this: How do you challenge yourself with your quilting?  Do you progress to steadily more difficult patterns and techniques?  Do you design your own blocks and/or patterns?  Have you created your own tutorial and/or pattern? (If so, let us know!  We want to feature you if it's a free one!)  Or maybe you are comfortable with the projects you have done and are happy doing more projects that are similar?  Tell us what you think!  Go nuts!

Please note: only the first 100 responses can display on this page.

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As a quilter, how do you challenge yourself?