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Hi!  I'm Penny.  I love to create by sewing, baking, crocheting, papermaking, and knitting.  Ok, honestly?   I love knitting but it doesn't love me....yet.  As you take a look around sewtakeahike, you'll see that I'm "old country style mixed with a modern bend" (a quote from one of my dear friends).  So sit back for a spell and poke around!  Read More

FREE "Whirlygigs Your Way"
Block Technique by Penny

Here is a free tutorial for making whirlygigs or pinwheels to suit your taste in size instead of only being able to make them the size of whatever random  pre-cut acrylic piece you can find in the store.  The measurements I'm going to give here will give you a finished block of 11X11.  You can adjust your measurements for whatever size you would like to end up with.

Visit her website: Sew Take a Hike

Finished Size: 11" x 11"

Project Rating: Easy




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