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Pat Sloan's 2018 Mystery BOM
Let's Go Camping - Supply List

Welcome to the 5th year of our Exclusive Free Mystery Block of the Month by Pat Sloan! This year Pat's theme is 'Let’s go Camping'. Pat assures us that no matter if your camping style is a tent pitched in the woods at the edge of a meadow, love hooking up your camper at the lake, or your idea of camping is the Hampton Inn (no bugs!) she has just the right amount of fun packed into this Free Block of the month to having you packing your gear!

The Supply list and blocks during the year will can always be found at our landing page for the Mystery. The four prior years are also still available at the ‘Mystery BOM’ tab above.

Pat Sloan on The 2018 Mystery

I am thrilled to be hosting my 5th Mystery Block of the Month! Each year more of you join in and your quilts are incredible!

Camping means so many things. You could be a carry the tent yourself person, or take a vintage trailer and have TV and air-conditioning kind… Glamping right? I’ll make the memories fun each month.

Let me tell you about the fabrics I’m using. I have selected a set of basics from Moda grunge line. With and without dots.

The ‘twist’ is that I’ll be pulling stash to put in here and there. But not just any stash, but stash that feels a lot like camping. Fabric with trees, animals, maybe tents! When you go to my page I’ll talk about these and give you links to a bunch of amazing finds

PLUS my prize winner wins a start bundle of some of what I’m using!

When do we get Block #1?

We will be releasing block #1 for the 2018 Let's Go Camping BOM on January 8th, and we can't wait!

What do you do now?

Go to my Website for more chat on the fabric I’m using & links to them.
Click Here!

Find all my ‘Camping Time’ posts here.

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Do you have a favorite camping memory, perhaps one that involves a quilt? What do you think of the theme 'Let's Go Camping?' I'd love to hear your thoughts!