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Children's Library BOM Block Six: The Princess and the Pea

Welcome to the fourth year of our Exclusive Free Mystery Block of the Month by Pat Sloan! This year Pat's theme is 'The Children’s Library'. Each month Pat will share a favorite childhood book that needs to be in our library. Each month is a new book (or series) that is loved by so many.

You can find the block pattern download down the page below where Pat discusses the book.

The supply list and blocks during the year will always be found at our landing page for the mystery. You'll find a list of participating shops here. The three prior years are also still available at the ‘Mystery BOM’ tab above.

Pat Sloan on The Princess and the Pea, by Hans Christian Andersen

I have been fascinated by the fairy tale ‘The Princess and the Pea’ for a long time. Being one of those kids that had to have her ‘sock seams just right’ in my shoes, I wondered what it was like to sleep on a stack of mattress and still feel that pea. I could relate! Hans Christian Andersen wrote many fairy tales and this one must really speak to people as it’s been published as books, sculptures, movies and cartoons.

An unexpected benefit of the Children’s book theme this year is that I’m learning so much about the authors and the books. It’s really fun to research them and find great links so you can learn more too. Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales have been translated into more than 125 languages, which really proves just how loved and timeless these tales are.

Being written back in the 1800’s you can read this fairy tale online. As an adult reading this, I love the quirky style of the story, and the ending just cracks me up!

As a quilter I keep thinking about stacking quilts this high, which quilts would I select, and how would I fold them nice & neat so they don’t fall over. Maybe we need a ‘quilter’s version’ of this story, wouldn’t that be fun?

So… do you also wonder if back in May of 1835 Hans thought of stacking quilts?

You can find a free coloring page here at Hello Kids.

Read the fairy tale online here at Childhood Reading.

Learn more about Hans Christian Andersen.

Here is the Wiki page for Princess and the Pea book.

Download Children's Library BOM: Block 6
I included a bonus layout for the block in repeat! - Pat

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This year I’m introducing you to two shops each month. So once you download the block, visit them!

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They have supplies, classes, and they provide professional long arm quilting, upholstery (commercial, household, outdoor, and automotive), how cool is that!

After 27 years of service, Glenda’s Sewing Cupboard is as passionate as ever about providing great customer service to our customers in a variety of areas including quilting, sewing, upholstery, and carpet binding, and supporting their creative endeavors!

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Glenda’s Sewing
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St. Joseph, MO 64505
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Shop Feature: Sew Much More, Sherwood, Arkansas

Angela Peabody is the owner of Sew Much More in Sherwood AR. They have been Pulaski County's one-stop sewing destination since 1996 with an extensive selection of fabrics (over 3000 bolts) notions, patterns, books, kits, tools, sewing machines.

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Sew Much More
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Sherwood, AR 72120
Mon-Fri: 10am to 5pm - Sat: 10am to 2pm

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