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Let's Go Camping BOM Block Four: What You Take
We are having so much fun with Pat’s theme this year, 'Let’s Go Camping!' In April it might be time for our first camping trip, depending on where you live.

The block download is after Pat discusses her inspiration for this month's block down below.

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Pat Sloan About On This Month's Block

Block #4 is ‘What you take’ because camping requires stuff! And the type of camping you are doing will let you know the items to pack and take along.

Let’s talk camping where you stay in a tent, camper, RV, or a cabin of some sort. The type of camping where you have to ‘bring it all’! You have to think through all the cooking gear, type of food you want, and water, LOTS of water. Plus all your travel items.

How about bedding... Do need all the sheets, pillows, maybe your sleeping bag? Don’t forget the tent!

Lucky for us instead of creating your own check sheets, I found a few for you to download
• REI has this great check list you can download 

• So does ‘Camping with Gus’ … really you have to love a guy named Gus!

Even for a short ‘day trip’ you have to think things through. Years ago we went to one of our local national parks to cook breakfast on a crisp fall morning. It was a LOT of fun! We had to take frying pans, the camp stove, coffee (oh yes.. coffee!) and the food. It was like a picnic but more fun!

Don’t forget being able to find your way around once you get there. Pack your maps in case your GPS can’t get a signal, a compass, hiking sticks, sturdy shoes, hats.. you know .. the important things.

The National Park Service has a great section on How To Camp 

Water & plates - NPS Photo / Mackenzie Reed
fry pan NPS Photo / David Restivo

I imagine everyone has a funny camping story, I have a few myself!

When my husband and I decided to stay at his family’s cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania, we packed up the van with all the things we needed. We had sleeping gear, we had something to cook on, yummy food to make, and of course our sweet dog!

That night we made dinner outside and part of this was to have baked potatoes. Which need butter, right? Since we lived in Missouri at the time and his family was in Pennsylvania, all our camping items came from my Mother-in-laws’ home. Including the food.

When we sat down to eat, I opened the plastic butter container and inside was jello. I couldn’t figure out why my husband brought jello. Well, he didn’t! His mom had made jello and reused some butter container for it. We laughed and laughed! Now we check ALL containers .. wink!

I’m having so much fun with the camping fabrics I’ve found and a lot of you are doing the same! Reminder, there will be setting directions, not sure if it will be for May or June. That will depend on my schedule for writing up that pattern.

CLICK over to my website to add your block to my quilt show on my website, you might win a prize!

Do you have check list for what to take camping? Have you ever forgotten anything? Taken anything you wondered why you took it? We’d love to hear it, tell us in the comments!

Download Let's Go Camping BOM: Block 4

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Shop Features
Meet another set of GREAT quilt shops this month! Once you download the block, visit them, it’s so fun to find new quilt shops to visit!

Bernina Stretch and Sew Fabrics
Judy started Bernina/ Stretch & Sew Fabrics in April, 1972 as a Stretch & Sew dealer and has been a Bernina dealer since April, 1981. If there is anything to know about a Bernina Sewing Machine, Judy knows it--she bleeds Bernina! Judy's focus is to make sure every Bernina owner gets as much pleasure from their machine and other Bernina products as she does.

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Owner: Judy Craig
Bernina Stretch and Sew Fabrics 
5089 River Rd N
Keizer, Oregon

(503) 393-0132
10:00 – 5:00 Mondays – Saturday
*Closed - Sunday

Shop Feature: Wimberley Stitch Studio

Wimberley Stitch Studio

A Great Quilt Shop in a Little Village with a Big Heart. A little bit of heaven by the Blanco River. Locally owned with a passion for sewing, Wimberley Stitch Studio is a little hill country quilt shop with a big heart! Nestled among clusters of trees in the quaint town of Wimberley, TX, the shop is a dream come and our contagious enthusiasm and dedication to the craft of quilting is reflected in the quality of products and services offered.

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Owner: Linda Chase
Wimberley Stitch Studio
704 FM 2325
Wimberley, Texas

(512) 808-0490
10:00 – 5:00 Mondays – Saturday
*Closed Sunday & Monday

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