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Out West BOM Block Two: Yummy Food
Our block #1 for Out West! was all about the movies and the blocks you've been sharing with Pat are fantastic! We love Pat’s theme 'Out West!' and this month it’s all about food.

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Western Food: The Chuck Wagon
With the world so interconnected, you are able to not only easily learn about regional food but also eat many of them locally in your area. So let’s explore food!

Watching the old westerns you see the ‘Chuck Wagon.' I wondered if it was invented by anyone in particular and it was! The credit for creating the American chuck wagon is given to cattleman Charles Goodnight. Back in 1866, he had to have a dependable way to feed his workers as they trailed cattle, so the wagon that became the kitchen was needed.

What did the cowboys eat when out there for so long? It seems along the trail, they usually had beans, hard biscuits, various dried meat, dried fruit (I see a theme), and coffee, always coffee. Sometimes they had a bread called pan de campo “camp bread.” So I had to look up Camp Bread!

I bet they longed for a really wonderful meal when they got back to town, I know I would!

Pan De Campo Bread recipe.

Did you know there is an American Chuck Wagon association
And even more about chuck wagons at the Wiki

** PHOTO CREDITS Chuck Wagon By Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, and bread from Bakespace.

What food do you associate with our western states? Some might say It’s ALL about the BBQ!
Steaks, pulled pork, ribs, Tex-Mex, and more! I’m almost afraid to bring up the topic of barbeque as people are quite passionate about not only what they like, but what IS BBQ?

With our world more global and people really into food with bloggers, youtubers and TV shows by the gazillion, getting great BBQ is much easier than it used to be.

I live in an urban area with 1.2 million people in my county, and the counties next to have have just as many, so I am lucky to find all kinds of great food.

This might be one of the most debated food topics. For me BBQ is pulled pork with red sauce. I do like brisket and pulled chicken, but my favorite is the pork.
In the comments tell me what you consider BBQ!

Show Me The Steak!
A really great steak is hard to beat. I’ve had them in almost every state, with rubs, with sauces, I’ll take them all! From steaks on a Montana ranch, steaks at a fancy steak house in Houston, or on a backyard grill in Wyoming, they all come with a dash of Western flair.

This a tie for me when I think of Western food. BBQ and Tex-Mex! I grew up making tacos and chili but it wasn’t until we went to New Mexico and Texas that we understood another level of food. We have a local chain that is ‘New Mexico Style’ and my favorite thing is to have breakfast there.

Quote of the Month

Our quote this month is a companion to food:

"If you’re sittin’ at a counter eatin’, leave your hat on. If you’re sittin’ at a table take it off."
   - Cowboy Quote of the Month

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Featured Shop
Take a look at another GREAT quilt shop this month! Once you download the block, visit them, it’s so fun to find new quilt shops to visit!

Patchwork Quilts, Hamilton, Montana
Patchwork Quilts is located in the gorgeous Bitterroot Valley of western Montana in the town of Hamilton. Patches (our nickname) is a bright, cheerful shop offering over two thousand square feet of fabric and quilting supplies. We sell fabric, notions, patterns, gifts, and much, much more in our store and online. You will love how easy it is to navigate around our website when shopping online. Fabric is conveniently listed by line (collection), manufacturer, AND type. Notions and other products are listed by category and subcategories for added shopper convenience. To assist you in picking the perfect fabric, we have also added a Design Wall to our website. For those of us “Vintage” quilters suffering from arthritis, poor vision, and reduced mobility, we carry a multitude of sewing aids and notions that will enable us to continue working on our crafts with less discomfort. Our store also features a large one-thousand square foot classroom area where we teach sewing and quilting classes. We even have a longarm machine and provide custom quilting services.

Owner, Claudia Williams, has been sewing since childhood and graduated in Clothing, Textiles and Design from the University of Idaho. She feels fortunate to work in an industry where she is surrounded by creativity everyday.

Patchwork Quilts, affectionately referred to as "Patches", offers a warm, inviting atmosphere for stitchers of all levels to “Meet, Sew, Share, Grow!”

Owner: Claudia Williams
Patchwork Quilts
1720 N 1st St
Hamilton, Montana


(406) 363-5754

Sunday - Closed
Monday to Friday – 9:30am – 5pm
Saturday – 9:30am - 4pm

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