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FREE Video - Quilted No-Sew Fabric Christmas Tree by Carly Nicole Elliotte

We love this project!  Carly Nicole Elliotte will walk you through her no-sew technique for this adorable Christmas tree, and be sure to check out her other wonderful projects!  More from Carly:

"Welcome to my little corner in the world of YouTube. I am a SAHM to my two young children ages 2 (almost, in August) and 4 and a housewife to my wonderful hardworking husband. On my channel you will find DIY videos, crafting, life after loss videos where I hit on surviving the loss of my 4 month old daughter and losing my second daughter to a stillbirth at 32 weeks. I have tons of cloth diapering videos as well as product reviews. You will also find videos as I go through a weight loss journey to be reunited with my pre baby body. I am soon going to be uploading a series of videos about parenting as well as marriage. Hope you'll stick around to see what they are all about!"

Skill Level: Beginner

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Supplies Needed:

127 squares of fabric (2.5 inches X 2.5 inches)
3 squares of fabric (2.5 inches X 7 inches)
scissors or a rotary cutter and cutting board
270 straight pins (flat heads)
1 Styrofoam cone (12 inch X 5 inch)

Pattern Goes As Follows:

Row 1 (Bottom) – Row 4 ---- 12 squares of fabric
Rows 5-7 ---- 10 squares of fabric
Rows 8-10 ---- 8 squares of fabric
Rows 11-12 ---- 6 squares of fabric
Rows 12-15 ---- 4 squares of fabric

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