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FREE Video - Mini Snail Trail Block Tutorial by Amanda Rolfe

If you love mini blocks, this is a great design for you! Amanda Rolfe is a consummate instructor, and in addition to the excellence of her teaching style in the video, she provides full details for everything you'll need for this project, including the free downloadable pattern from McCall's! More from Amanda:

"Here's a great little block for anyone of all levels to give a go! However, I will just say that the more experienced you are at patchwork, the easier it'll be to piece together, obviously. If you are a beginner, I still encourage you to give this block a go! Take your time, read the measurements carefully and never be afraid to make mistakes! It's only through our mistakes we learn how to do things better!

"At the beginning of this tutorial, I have a small little chit-chat explaining a few little tips that I think will help you when you're piecing. Then I dive in and guide you step-by-step in how the Snail Trail Block is pieced together. I hope you enjoy watching and are inspired to make it yourself!"

Measurement and cutting instructions...
From the PINK fabric you will need to cut:
- x2: 1&1/8" squares (for the centre four patch)
- x1: 1&3/4" square (cut in half, resulting in two triangles)
- x1: 2&1/8" square (cut in half, resulting in two triangles)
- x1: 2&5/8" square (cut in half, resulting in two triangles)
- x1: 3&3/8" square (cut in half, resulting in two triangles)
For the BLUE fabric, cut exactly the same as the pink.

This particular pattern is a miniature version of the Snail Trail block but there are plenty of other patterns available of bigger sized versions...
Download the Free Pattern by McCall's (Paper Piecing) Here

My inspiration has come from one of my favourite quilting books: 130 Mini Quilt Blocks by Susan Briscoe

Finished Size: 5" x 5" (12.7cm x 12.7cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: 3 and 3-Quarters

More Free Projects: See Amanda's YouTube Channel

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