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FREE Video - Jelly Roll Race!  A Quilt Top in Less Than an Hour by Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Co.

This excellent how-to video has gotten excellent reviews and over half a million views on YouTube!  Take a look at this technique for putting together an attractive quilt top from a jelly roll in less than an hour by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Her presentation is entertaining and the techniques are easy to follow.  More from Missouri Quilt Co.:

"Jenny Doan shows how to make the extremely popular Jelly Roll Race Quilt. It's a quilt top that involves 1,600 inches of fabric that you can get done in less than an hour (and end up with a beautiful quilt!)."

Also, check out the amazing selection of Jelly Rolls at their online store:  Shop Jelly Rolls at Missouri Start Quilt Co.

Be sure to visit the website where you will find a wealth of videos and tutorials:  Missouri Star Quilt Co.

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