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Free Video - How to Mitre Corners on Quilt Binding by Lizzie Lenard

One of the trickiest parts of binding your quilt can be the corners.  This instructive video by Lizzie Lenard is very well done, and her excellent tips and techniques will make this challenging task a snap!  More from Lizzie:

"If you find mitred corners tricky when binding a quilt, this method may be the answer for you. No fancy gadgets needed - just hairgrips and an unpicker. On the video I have used a quilting foot; however, when the wadding is not very thick, a hinged regular foot works just as well.

"Click on the last link below and it will take you straight to my blog post of 28th June 2013, which shows how I overlap strips of binding rather than joining them with a seam."

Bonus Tutorial:  Lizzie's Overlapping Strips Binding Method

Visit the Website:  Lizzie Lenard Sewing Designs

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