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FREE Video - Fan Dance Quilt by Anna Maria Horner

Ready for a wonderful project from Janome and veteran quilter Anna Maria Horner?  The Fan Dance quilt is loosely based on the Dresden block style, but Anna Maria applies her flair with design to make this a unique and wonderful quilt!  Check out the original article link to get the downloadable instructions for the project.  More from Anna Maria:

"I am so pleased to introduce you to the latest project designed by me just for you and my friends at Janome: the Fan Dance Quilt! Using the traditional Dresden Plate block as inspiration, I used only half of a plate at a time creating more of a fan motif. The color and placement of the fans, in alternating directions, gives the quilt lovely movement and a wonderful opportunity for color play. Most all of us quilters have plenty of scrap that makes building all the blades of a Dresden really fun. When you are creating the Fan Dance you will also get to feature some favorite tonal fabrics in broad strokes for the background of the floating fans.

"The construction of this quilt is very straight forward and deceivingly simple. The video we've produced for you details the process of creating the crib size, but the instruction PDF has all the layout, fabric requirements and cutting instructions for both the crib size and the full size quilts.

Here is the quilt:

View the original article and download the instructions.

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