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FREE Video - Double Foundation Quilt Piecing by Leah Day

Leah Day demonstrates a wonderful double foundation technique for quilt piecing in this segment of her Free Motion Quilting Project.  More from Leah:

Learn how to foundation piece small blocks with scraps, then foundation piece those blocks onto another foundation to form a large fabric!

Learn more about what Leah Day will be teaching on the Free Motion Quilting Project in 2013 and how you can get involved and quilt along with her on the Express Your Love goddess quilt. Learn more about this project: Click Here

Find a free copy of the Express Your Love Goddess: Click Here

Find the Printed Fabric Panel: Click Here

Wondering about something you see in the video? Find all the tools and supplies Leah uses for free motion quilting on her home sewing machine right here: Click Here

Do you like this free technique?

What do you think of Leah's double foundation piecing?