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Free Tutorial - Snowflake Quilt-Along by Faith Jones

Make this spectacular snowflake quilt in this easy and fun quilt-along! Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons Quilts brings this to us through Bernina's wonderful We All Sew blog, and her tutorial is easy to follow and has many useful photos. You'll most likely need to raid your scrap bin or find your favorite replacement fabrics, as the fabric collections Faith used are no longer in production, but that can be super fun, too, can't it? More from Faith:

"I set out to design a pattern that was simple enough to make before December begins, but beautiful enough to catch anyone’s eye during the celebratory season. The Snowflake Quilt uses a creative layout and blocks on point. Use of negative space makes this quilt look harder than it is. This pattern is suitable for any quilter, whether you’ve made two quilts or two hundred. The layout reminds me of a delicate snowflake, which we will likely see sooner than later here in my neighborhood!"

Finished Size: 55" x 67" (140cm x 170cm)

Skill Level:

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