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FREE Mini Patchwork Quilt Block Tutorials by Liesl

If you have a lot of small scraps of fabric that you don't want to go to waste, this may be just the project for you.  Take those scraps and do a mini-sampler quilt!  There are probably several block styles you've never tried, a quick and fun project like this is your chance to experience creating some wonderful and challenging new block styles.  This series of tutorials was done by Liesl of Liesl Made, a wonderful blog with many useful resources and ideas.  More from Liesl:

"There are so many great quilt blocks out there I’ve been itching to try. I just don’t like the idea of making the same block repeatedly for one quilt. So, why not a sampler quilt?

"I’ve decided to make it different than your average sampler quilt. All the blocks will be mini versions of themselves, because I have so many itty bitty scraps to use up. Basically, I’ll make each 12” block a four-block block of itself. (If that makes sense!?)

"Originally, I intended to do this slowly, one block at a time over many months and when I finished a block share it with you here on the blog. But I thought: why not show you how I made the block with a tutorial."

Be sure to check out the website: Liesl Made

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