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FREE Tutorial - Zig Zag Cut Baby Quilt by Amy Renea

What an absolutely adorable baby quilt!  Amy Renea of A Nest for All Seasons created this quilt last year for her baby.  The result of this project is a super soft, frilly/chenille feeling quilt that any baby will be delighted to lie on, play with, and nibble.  While it's a lot of work to achieve this look and feel, Amy was satisfied that the result is well worth the effort.  More from Amy:

"I usually try not to brag about the projects I make (because typically half the people that see them love them and half will hate them, but so it goes in creative-land). This project though? It might not be expert sewing and it certainly is not the gold standard of quilting, but gosh darn it -- I am going to BRAG!

"This took me longer than ANY project I've ever embarked upon and is certainly the most ambitious sewing project I've ever tried. (I consider myself an EXTREME amateur sewer and typically I "cheat-sew" not "real-sew"). In any case, the quilt is FINISHED, it is super duper soft, it is sweet and has a host of quirks thanks to my novice skills. Ready to learn how YOU can make your own (probably BETTER than I can?!?) Let's go!"

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: A Nest for All Seasons


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