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FREE Wet Bag Tutorial by Mel

Summer is time to hit the beach or the pool, and if you're headed for wet fun in the sun, you should have a wet bag!  A waterproof zippered bag like the one brought to us today by Mel is perfect for holding wet clothing or whatever and keeping your other stuff dry.  Mel is a fourth-year medical student from Australia, where it is currently the dead of winter.  More about the wet bag from Mel:

"Considering that it's the middle of winter here, and that I don't have a baby, what possible use could I have for a wet bag? Well turns out the DIY laminated cotton drawstring bag I'd made for my toiletries a couple of years back leaks! It's pretty okay for a wet toothbrush etc, but not so good for holding my sopping wet bathers. Why was I wearing bathers in winter? To go to the hotsprings of course! I've been waiting for a really really cold day to enjoy the mornington pennisula hotsprings."

Visit her website:
All Wrapped Up

Contributor Info - Mel is the author of the blog, All Wrapped Up, which is chock full of useful crafting projects that are fun for anyone looking for a break from quilting.  "My name’s Mel and I’m a fourth year medical student currently been let loose in hospitals and clinics, for clinical experience. I live in Melbourne and started crafting in 2008."

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