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FREE Tutorial: Clear Vinyl Pouches - Tips for Sewing with Vinyl by Ashley

How convenient would it be to have clear zippered pouches of various sizes to hold your things in?  Ashley of Make It & Love It shows us how in this clear and easy step by step tutorial, complete with excellent photos.  More from Ashley:

"We need to chat about sewing with vinyl. Do you remember the jewelry holder I made, here?  Well, I mentioned that sometimes it’s hard to sew with the vinyl because it sticks. And then I was given the best tip and had to share. (Thanks so much Carol!)

"So I had to try out the new trick and sew up my scrap vinyl pieces, into something useful.  And then realized making your own clear pencil/marker/crayon cases for your kids in school would be so fun. You could really customize them. And make them for whatever little thing you want to fill them with."

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