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FREE Tutorial - Turn an Old Favorite T-shirt into a Cushion

We all have precious memories of seeing a young child or grandchild in a particularly memorable t-shirt, and the little ones grow so fast that we just don't get to enjoy those cute shirts for very long.  So here is a way you can keep those memories close: this project comes to us from Pam of Threading My Way.  More from Pam:

What do you do with your children’s clothes when they outgrow them? Most are given away to someone else who can use them. But what about the clothes that you just can’t bear to part with; a favourite piece of clothing, a special gift, or an article of clothing that evokes fond memories. Usually, they are carefully wrapped and packed away in a cupboard, where no one sees them. Here’s how to turn a special t-shirt into a decorative cushion, which can be put on show for all to see. Please note that this is decorative cushion, not a pillow."

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Threading My Way
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