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Tree Advent Calendar
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Free Tutorial - Tree Advent Calendar by Andy

Who doesn't love advent calendars? And this is a great one. Get in the holiday spirit early with this adorable Christmas advent calendar. Comes with a link to the free ornament templates.

From Andy,

"I did a search to find some photos of what I wanted my advent calendar to look like and it actually caused more problems – I found too many advent calendars that I liked and I couldn’t decide which one to make.I spent the last part of November and the first week of December trying to decide what to do  and then finally realized that it was too late and would have to wait until next year.

Fast forward to November 2010. I did another search to find some sample calendars – I even created a gallery on flickr. I sat down and drew out a sample using the parts of each calendar that I liked the best (quilting from one, colors from another, using buttons as hangars, etc.)

I foraged through my fabric stash and my craft bin and found most of what I already needed."

Skill Level: Beginner

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