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FREE Tutorial - The Haphazard Quilt by Cintia Gonzalez

Got a pile of mis-matched scraps on your hands?  Cintia's name for this quilt project is 'A Scrapbusting Project', so make one of these and turn your scraps into something beautiful!  Cintia Gonzalez of My Poppet created an excellent tutorial for you, so please enjoy!  More from Cintia:

"I just can’t resist creating things out of fabric scraps! Emma was away on holidays last week so the first thing I did was dive head first into my scrap pile and start an experimental quilt. I’m fairly lazy when it comes to planning or measuring so this project was quite laissez-faire, with the possibility in the back of my mind that it could be a total fail. (I run that risk with most of my sewing!)

"But surprise, surprise, not a fail at all. Far from your perfect cookie cutter quilt pattern, this haphazard design somehow works in all it’s imperfectness. It shall hence be named The Haphazard Quilt.

"I’ve included general directions showing you how to make your own, but in the spirit of haphazardness, they are not prescriptive, but rather a guide to give you an idea of the process involved. Depending on the size and amount of the fabric scraps you have on hand, you can adjust the ‘pattern’ to suit your needs.
Time to do some scrapbusting

Be sure to visit Cintia's Tutorials & Printables Page, which has tons projects you will love!

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