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FREE Tutorial - Arrow Tail Quilt by Laurel Krynock

Simplicity can be so beautiful!  This quilt has a gorgeous, down-home feel, and we love the texture Laurel crafted into it with the quilting at the top of her chevrons!  This project was done as a quilt-along and Laurel Krynock of Sing All You Want has provided comprehensive materials, including cutting instructions, piecing instructions, and resources for finishing your quilt.  She also has a Flickr group where you can see pics from other quilters who have jumped in on this one.  What a great project!  More from Laurel:

"Woohoo, I'm so happy that some folks have let me know that they are looking forward to a tutorial and quilt along for the quilt formerly known as Dillon's Quilt! You may have noticed that I gave this quilt a real name. Poor Dillon...I did not want his name forever tied to this design, so I've decided to call it the "Arrow Tail Quilt" since the shapes resemble arrow tails.

"I have updated and verified to the best of my abilities the supplies for a baby size and twin size quilt. If you are interested in some other size, I think that it will be fairly obvious how to downsize or upsize this pattern once you get going."

Finished Sizes: Baby - 40" x 60" (102cm x 152cm)
                       Twin - 68" x 84" (173cm x 214cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Sing All You Want

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