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Tea and Scones
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Free Tutorial - Tea and Scones Quilt by Astrid

This is a cute, quick and easy quilt that you can be creative with. Astrid chose some fabrics she loves, and with this quilt, you can follow her quilt exactly, or choose some of your own favorite fabrics. We love that this quilt is "designed to use every last inch of a fat eighth cut". We hate to see great fabric go to waste! Astrid's tutorial is complete with great photos and easy-to-follow instructions. What are you waiting for?

From Astrid,

"And what a pleasure it is to sew with beautiful, high-quality materials. This quilt, which I've named "Tea and Scones" in honour of the jam or cream-filled blocks, uses a selection of my favourite Liberty Lawn fabrics, in a pattern which is designed to use every last inch of a fat eighth cut. And I find that putting these prints together with solid fabrics is a lovely way not only to bring out the best in the Liberty prints, but also to put your own voice and style into the quilt with the hues and shades of the solids you choose"

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 51 in. x 51 in. (129 cm. x 129 cm.)

Visit the Website: Red Red Completely Red


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