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FREE Tutorial - Sudoku Quilt by Carole

Got a head for numbers?  You probably enjoy the challenge of beating the numbers at sudoku, and today's project will appeal to you!  Or if you know someone who loves the game, this would be a wonderful gift.  Carole of From My Carolina Home created this project and the detailed tutorial you will need to create your own.  More from Carole:

"This is such an easy quilt to make, but it does take some planning and a lot of care in assembly. Sudoku is a type of puzzle where there are nine nine-patches, and each number or fabric appears only once in a nine-patch, and only once in any row or column across three nine-patches

"The great thing about this pattern is it has all straight seams, and all squares. It is easy enough for a beginner, but does have a bit of challenge to get the pattern correct. You can make them any size you want, which makes using pre-cuts like layer cakes and jelly rolls possible. You just need nine different fabrics, cut into nine squares of each print."

Finished Size: 32" x 32" (81cm x 81cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: From My Carolina Home

More Free Projects: Quilting Tutorials - Note: Carole has extensive tutorials in a variety of areas, take a look at the top menu of her site!


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