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FREE Tutorial - Strip Tube Quilt by Andy Knowlton

Strip tube quilting is an easy and fast way to piece your quilt, and Andy Knowlton with A Bright Corner has an excellent tutorial for you to show you the ropes of this wonderful technique! Andy demonstrates with two quilts she made using the technique, her Right Turn Only design (top) and her Hometown Healing quilt (bottom). She also includes links to videos to further help you learn this style of quilt making. More from Andy:

"I’ve had several requests for the pattern I used for my Right Turn Only quilt so I thought I would write up a tutorial showing what I did.

"Secondly, don’t think that you absolutely need a special strip tube ruler. I used one for this quilt and it was great - but since then I have found a similar ruler that works as well. I DID look for a strip tube ruler at a few local quilt shops but none carried it. I could have ordered one online, but then I’d have to wait for it to arrive. I’m not good at waiting, so I bought a similar ruler that I found at my favorite shop. What you’re looking for are the horizontal lines that will help you line up your ruler with the edge of your strip."

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 42" x 64" (107cm x 162.5cm)

Visit the Website: A Bright Corner

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