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FREE Tutorial - So You Want to Be a Quilter Part Two by Judy Hall

Continuing with her training articles for beginner quilters, Judy Hall of Intocraft offers some wonderful resources in this post! Quilters new to the craft can grow by learning slightly more advanced styles, as well as how to use notions to assure accuracy in more challenging techniques. Be sure to check out Judy's list of Nifty Notions techniques and tips at the end of the article! More from Judy:

"While your first little quilt will possibly not be perfect, any finished project is an achievement to be proud of. If it wasn’t quite square or some cross-sections didn’t quite meet, pass your eyes over them as you will improve. Read the previous Nifty Notions editorials given in Part One for extra 'how-to' help, or, use the rule of 'stand back ten metres' then view it again! Now that you know how to make a simple patch quilt, would you like to try another? Maybe like these? You now know how!"

Skill Level: Beginner

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