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FREE Tutorial - Skinny Stripes Quilt by Cheryl of A Pretty Cool Life

Is there any better stamp of approval for a quilt than your children fighting with you for who gets to curl up with it while watching TV?  Cheryl of A Pretty Cool Life created this super cozy looking quilt and took some pretty fabulous pictures of it in action; makes us want to curl up with one of our own along with a good book and a cup of coffee...  Cheryl has a wonderful website with lots of project ideas for you, and her tutorial on this quilt is easy to follow and as we mentioned, has great visuals.  More from Cheryl:

(finally) my skinny stripes quilt. Okay, about the quilt. I absolutely adore it. The colors, the stripes, the crinkly-ness.


The boys and I fight to snuggle underneath it on the couch almost every night. I have no idea what took me 6+ months to bind it. The quilting is just straight lines across on either side of each colored strip. And huge props to the real quilters (and quilt photogs who can capture the entire quilt in one nice picture...unlike me!) out there for making it look easy...dealing with the bulk of so much fabric is definitely not easy for me!

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