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FREE Tutorial - Simple Valentine's Day Sachet by Diane Gilleland

We love everything about Valentine's Day: romance in the air, decadent chocolate, and of course, abundant projects with pink hearts, like this one!  To enhance your own scent of allure, create one of these Valentine sachets!  Diane Gilleland of Craftypod put this project together for everyone to enjoy.  More from Diane:

"I should say: I'm not much for Valentine's Day itself, but the crafts are always pretty. I was playing around with felt recently and came up with this simple, non-frilly sachet. Easy to whip up if you need little gifties.

"You might have everything you need to make these in your stash: two 6" squares of woven fabric, and some felt scraps. I made mine with seven colors of felt, but the design would also be cool if all the layers were the same color.

"You'll also want a water-soluble marker and some good fabric scissors. And a heart template - I made mine by folding some card stock and cutting a heart freehand. You could also trace around a cookie cutter.

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