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FREE Tutorial - Sewing with Coffee Filters by Karen of Sew Many Ways

So, what do you do when you find an unexpected hoard of coffee filters?  Sew with them, of course!  That's what Karen of Sew Many Ways did with her filters, and the result is a crazy collage that will go wonderfully in something, somewhere.  Her article is from a few years ago, and it would be interesting to see if Karen has done more with these round block-like things.  What will you do with them?  More from Karen:

"I found this coffee related quote, but I don't know who said it...

"You know when you've had too much coffee when
you can thread a sewing machine while it's running

"I had a "brewed" awakening one morning when I found a package of coffee filters that I don't use anymore. What to do? What to make? I couldn't just throw them about sewing with them! I am so flying by the seat of my pants on this Tool Time Tuesday. I have never made a crazy quilt block or used any type of foundation when quilting, so if there is anything that looks like I need help...please let me know."

Finished Size: 1 cfd* (1 icfd**)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Sew Many Ways

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*coffee filter diameter.  ** international coffee filter diameter

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