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Free Tutorial - Scrap Color Baby Quilt by Virginia Lindsay

If your floundering under piles of scraps and have a baby in your vicinity, this is a great way to alleviate your pain! This project comes to us from Virginia Lindsay of Ginger Cake, and her use of color makes the tops she's put together adorable! More from Virginia:

"Hi again! As I mentioned earlier today, what I like about these quilts is the ease of coordinating the colors. In decorating, I love it when a whole room is all blue or green and even though the greens or blues may not be exactly the same, the design works since the basic color carries throughout the room. That is the thinking behind these little quilts too. And, you get to use up a lot of those pesky fabric scraps that are cluttering up your sewing room!"

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 42" x 42" (107cm x 107cm)

Visit the Website: Ginger Cake

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