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FREE Baby Scrap Quilt Tutorial by Jandi

Have you ever been caught at the last minute needing to put together a quilt, but you're short on time and/or money?  For situations like that, today's feature project is perfect!  Use your scaps to put together a beautiful quilt like the one Jandi made here for her friend, and put it all together in no time at all!  More from Jandi: 

"Monday night I came home from work, checked my email, and found an invitation to a baby shower waiting in my inbox. Oh good, I get to make a baby quilt! Oh crap, the shower is THIS Saturday! Ack! Not only am I now working full time, I also only have a few days to sew a quilt top and get it quilted. And there is that pesky problem of being flat broke

"So, after much deliberation, and searching through all of my scraps, I came up with this quilt top. It isn’t anything special but it was a great use of scraps and I think it turned out fine. So I’ve decided to share it with you all..."

Take a look at Jandi's website, Jandi in Stitches where you will find more interesting tutorials and lots of other great information.

Visit the website:  Jandi in Stitches


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