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FREE Sapphires and Rubies Baby Quilt Tutorial by Shana Kreikemeier

Take a peek at this precious crib-sized quilt by Shana of Needyl. We love the simplicity and texture of this quilt, and Shana has put together an excellent tutorial with easy to follow steps so you can do this project for a tiny special someone in your life.  More from Shana: 

"So, while everyone else is outside pretending like feeding chiggers is SO MUCH FUN, I finished a quilt, holing myself up in where my air conditioner was barely keeping up. I suppose this pattern could have worked just fine as a two-color quilt, but I liked the idea of toying with a contrast color, just to make things more interesting."

Check out Shana's website, Needyl where you will find more quilting patterns and tutorials, and if you're also interested in knitting and crochet, she has some wonderful projects for you there as well.  Our favorite is her monster baby booties!

Finished Size: 37" x 54"

Shana Kreikemeier of Needyl

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