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FREE Tutorial - Santa's Rising Sun Quilt

Of course Santa is a quilter!  This project is a tutorial written by Benita Skinner of Victoriana Quilters, and is based on the magnificent art by Tom Newsom, one of the best Santa artists anywhere!  Benita identified how to do this Rising Sun block and her version of the quilt top is also pictured here.  Be sure to check out other art by Tom Newsom with the link below!  Also take a look at more wonderful free content from Benita at her site link below!  More from Benita:

"Over on my Facebook page, when I posted this lovely picture 'Quilting Santa', a conversation began about what block was used in Santa's quilt.

"The closest design I could find was one called 'Rising Sun', though it uses wedges for the arcs.

"I offered to figure out the design, and when my block was approved, I put together this tutorial so you can also make this lovely quilt!"

Check out more wonderful Santa art by Tom Newsom!  (Be sure to explore his other amazing art as well!)

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