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FREE Tutorial - Rectangle Log Cabin Quilt by Kirsty Cleverly

Kirsty Cleverly from Bonjour Quilts didn't want to be square for making this new quilt for her daughter, so she stretched her log cabin blocks into rectangles!  This is a delightful design and a wonderful use of an old classic and it's even cooler that she did it all with scraps!  Whether you have mountains of scraps to match Kirsty or whether you just are tired of being square, this looks like a fun project for any level of quilter.  More from Kirsty:

"I was contemplating using square log cabin blocks, but found that they didn’t give me the twin sized quilt I wanted or they ended up with an odd number of blocks along the side, which didn’t suit the layout I wanted to use. I realised that a rectangular block would work much better, so that’s what I went with. My blocks are 10″ x 11″ finished (sewn together)

"My final layout was 6 blocks by 8 blocks, and they are arranged in the configuration commonly known as Sunshine and Shadows. Boy, there are some configurations out there – this was the hardest part of this quilt, deciding which to go with. And then deciding which way to gradate the colours. Dark against light, light against light, phew. I finally settled on my version as I felt it made the ‘stars’ pop the most."

Finished Size: 60" x 88" (152cm x 224cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

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