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FREE Quilt As You Go Tutorial by Vanessa

Do you often find yourself pulled in multiple directions, with no time to finish a project you'd really like to complete?  What if you could just pause it whenever you needed to, take care of what needs doing, and then get back to what you love?  Vanessa's technique for quilt-as-you-go will free you up to quilt this way.  More from Vanessa:

"I made this little pillow many months ago. Once I completed the top, it was left in a pile to be completed. I finally put on a back and a zipper. Then it sat for a while longer. Finally I took pictures of it back in October and here I am in December finally sharing them with you.

"It's a small pillow (12" x 12") that has found a permanent place on my kids rocking chair. Don't worry the rocking chair is not sitting in the snow now -- it's inside, of course."

Visit Vanessa's website: Punkin Patterns

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