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FREE Tutorial - Quick Herringbone Quilt by Melanie Collette

Remember when you asked your Math teacher when you would ever use it in real life? Today is a flashback to geometry: This wonderful tutorial will show you how to use parallelograms instead of half-square triangles to more easily and quickly make your herringbone quilt. Melanie Collette of the Crafty Cupboard created this project for us after some inspiration from Pinterest. More from Melanie:

"One of my complaints with chevron quilts is all those half-square triangles (and yes, there is a rectangle version that is much easier than triangles), but I sat in bed wondering one night if I couldn’t just angle my pieces and take the figuring out of it

"I made a few practice cuts and figured out what size/angle I liked best, and this is my preferred look. I’ve put together this Herringbone Quilt Tutorial to help you make it too!"

Finished Size: 36" x 38" (91cm x 97cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: The Crafty Cupboard

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