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FREE Tutorial - Photo Quilt by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair

Over the years we've seen quite a few good designs for photo quilts, but we really love this one by Melissa.  The photos enhance the quilt with bursts of life here and there, where in many designs it can feel like an oversized yearbook page thick with images, this one uses them more sparingly.  More from Melissa:

"I have been trying to make quilts for my nieces (and nephews when they get old enough) when they graduate from High School and head off to college. The first one I made is written up here. I liked the idea of a quilt to with photos of their family back home on it, to keep them warm if they get homesick while away.

"After making the previous quilt, I decided I should simplify the pattern a bit. This one is very simple, made up of all 9″ squares of fabric.

"I picked the fabrics based on the colors of my nieces dorm room bedding and a few that I thought would be meaningful (like the horses, since she is a Kentucky girl)."

Finished Size: 52" x 69" (132cm x 175cm)

Skill Level: Intermediate

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