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FREE Tutorial - Photo Mini Quilts by Christina Lane

We adore these precious photo mini quilts!  Immortalize your favorite photos with this easy and fun project from Christina Lane of The Sometimes Crafter.  Just get yourself some inkjet printable fabric and a pile of your favorite scraps and photos and go nuts!  Her comprehensive tutorial even has a supporting tutorial on binding, so dive right in, Christina has you covered!  More from Christina:

"I’m back again with another tutorial on creating with inkjet printable fabric. As I’m sure you can tell by now if you’ve read my last few posts here on Mastering Photo, I love printable fabric. I think it’s a great way to personalize a gift for someone. Not only do they get an image they love, but also a handmade gift. Now, don’t despair if you don’t sew, I also have a few suggestions for creating a similar, no-sew project at the end."

Christina's website has many more tutorials, take a look!

Visit the Website: The Sometimes Crafter


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