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FREE Tutorial - Petunia Strings Quilt by Connie Kresin Campbell

What a delightful, gorgeous quilt!  Connie Kresin Campbell of Freemotion by the River created this quilt (along with matching pillows!) and put together a great tutorial for you.  More from Connie:

"I'm never good at naming quilts but since I love this photo of the quilt in the flowers I guess I'll call it Petunia Strings by the River. I actually finished this quilt 2 weeks ago....about the time I was changing my header and blog name and I never got this post done.

"Someone asked if I have Builder Bob underneath my quilts when they are by the river.....nope, we have a bell down there that works perfectly for draping a quilt of these days the wind will probably come up and I'll have a quilt end up in the river. Luckily it isn't very deep right next to shore."

Finished Size: 66" x 76" (168cm x 193cm)

Skill Level: Intermediate

Visit the Website: Freemotion by the River

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