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Free Tutorial - Modern Chevron Baby Quilt by Kirsty

This gorgeous quilt is a testament to the fact that you can find inspiration anywhere. Kirsty of Bonjour Quilts found inspiration for this design on a boilerplate manhole cover, and the result is this wonderful pattern! Makes you wonder what might be around you that you're not looking at closely enough... In any case, this is an excellent tutorial and Kirsty covers all the bases for you. More from Kirsty:

"Chevrons are everywhere at the moment and I love ’em. I know I’ll want to make this quilt again so I’m documenting it for my forgetful future-self and anyone else who might be interested.

"If you’ve ever thought of sewing a quilt this is a great one to get started with. It’s made from squares and half-square triangles which are quite easy to put together. Plus I’ve also got plenty of helpful links to guide you through the whole process."

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 45" x 60" (114cm x 152cm)

Visit the Website: Bonjour Quilts

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