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FREE Tutorial - Mimi's Daisy Chains Quilt by Cindy Sharp

One of our favorite places online for quilting resources is the Moda Bakeshop.  They regularly feature some of the best designers around, and today's article comes from one such individual.  Cindy Sharp of Tops to Treasures designed this fabulous quilt, featuring precuts from the Moda layer cake, Mimi.  More from Cindy:

"It is a thrill to be back at the Bake Shop today. Nothing charms my geeky soul like designing a quilt and writing directions for it. Nothing comes close...except for memories of my Nanny. I grew up in a household that had room for the whole family. There was always room for one more. My maternal grandparents were a daily presence and made my life that much richer. I know in some homes, especially in the American South, Nanny would have been called Mimi, so my thought turned to her as I finished this quilt.

"Nanny was English - naturalized as an American as a little girl - she never lost that lovely English way of doing things...nor the accent! Gosh I miss her. She would have loved this fabric line. I can imagine her sitting with me on top of this quilt playing board games, or snuggled under it on the front porch reading together. It isn't a hard stretch at all, even 13 years after she celebrated her last birthday.

"Spring time, little girls, grandmothers, it all combines to make a great song...sweet and homey. This quilt is the product of that song. I hope you like it."

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Tops to Treasures

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