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FREE Metal Frame Clutch Tutorial by Caila

How cool would it be to be able to make your own pattern for any metal frame you might want to make a clutch or purse from?  Caila of Caila Made has put together some amazing projects on her site, and one of the recent ones is her Love Letter Clutch.  This project will allow you to make your own bag from whatever metal frame you might want to work with.  More from Caila:

"By now I've, hopefully, talked you all into making your own Love Letter Clutch. (If not, head over to the blog post and email me for the free pattern. It's so easy, I promise!).

"But that pattern is for use with 5" metal frames. What if you have hardware of a different size and shape? What if you head to the local craft store and they have something different, but awesome? What if you don't want to order specific hardware from the other side of the country and--heaven forbid--WAIT A WHOLE WEEK for it to arrive? Obviously, you should learn how to make a pattern from any metal frame. Right?

"Well, that's what we're doing today. Believe me, you can take any metal frame, trace around it, draw some lines and come up with an adorable clutch. You really can.

"So today I'm taking the time to show you how I made my clutch patterns

Be sure to check out Caila's website where you will find many wonderful free projects:
Caila Made

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