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Free Tutorial - Liberty Crosses Quilt by Lynne Goldsworthy

This is a great block design from Lynne Goldsworthy and the tutorial is featured for us on Love, Patchwork & Quilting, a site with amazing stuff! We love the versatility of this block: it's done BIG in this design, but you can apply it to whatever you're doing in creative, scrap-friendly ways. More from LPQ:

"Showcase your love of Liberty prints with Lynne Goldsworthy‘s supersize cross blocks! We’ll talk you through everything you need to know to sew up your very own version of Lynne’s eye-catching design. If you enjoy sewing along with us, don’t forget to check out the rest of our free quilt patterns and follow Lynne on Instagram @lilyquilts to catch up with her latest quilting adventures!"

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 60" x 60" (152cm x 152cm)

Visit the Website: Love Patchwork & Quilting | Lynne Goldsworthy

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