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FREE Tutorial - Leaf / Feather Quilt Block by Julie

We love this block from Julie of The Intrepid Thread!  Depending on the motif of your quilt, this would serve equally well as a feather or a leaf, and any number of arrangements can be made from the blocks.  Julie is doing hers with 2-inch sashing in the style pictured to the side.  What will you do?  More from Julie:

"I had so many lovely comments about the blocks I made last weekend that I thought I would write a little tutorial for you. I have to admit am I kind of in love with them myself. Some people are calling these feathers and that is fine... I choose to call them leaves because that is what I set out to make :)

As far as we know, the kit giveaway she mentions in her article has come and gone, but the tutorial is wonderful.  Enjoy!

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The Intrepid Thread

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